Nintendo is pushing their 3DS handheld hardcore in Japan, as the company just announced three new system bundles that will be arriving later this year, according to their latest Nintendo Direct broadcast.

The first bundle that will be arriving is Monster Hunter 3 Ultimate, which will come with a black 3DS XL and launch on November 1st.  Arriving soon thereafter are two Nintendo bundles, the first featuring a checkered red 3DS XL with New Super Mario Bros. 2, and the second featuring a weirdly colored polka dot imaged Animal Crossing bundle.  Both those bundles will arrive around mid-November.  Unfortunately, there's no word on U.S. bundles as of yet.

Meanwhile, Nintendo also confirmed that a number of their bigger games will also be re-released in digital form – in Japan, at least – starting in November.  These include Ocarina of Time 3D, Pilotwings Resort, Super Mario 3D Land, StarFox 64 3D, Mario Kart 7 and Mario Tennis Open.  So if you don't own them yet, here's another way to get 'em.

We'll let you know once any of these items are confirmed for U.S. release.  At the very least, the digital games should definitely make the cut.