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Nintendo: 8-Player Smash Supports Two GameCube Adapters

by Prima Games Staff

Based on what we’ve seen and heard, Nintendo is all about choice when it comes to the Wii U version of Super Smash Bros., especially with control types. Want to use the Wii Remote? Pro Controller? GamePad? Done, done and done.

Then we have the GameCube controller, which plugs into a special adapter Nintendo will sell separately. Each one of these little guys supports up to four GameCube controllers, which begs the question, what about 8-Player Smash? Will Nintendo force the other four players to use something else? According to the publisher, nope!

At a recent Smash demo, a Nintendo rep informed us that you can plug two GameCube Adapters into a Wii U so all eight people can use those controllers. Granted, we didn’t see this demoed or receive a concrete answer on how it will work (one in the front and back maybe), but so long as we can cram eight people into a room and use our beloved controllers from 2001, it’s all good!

That’s cool, but what if we bring eight WaveBirds?

Super Smash Bros. debuts on Wii U November 21.

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