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Nintendo 64 Sneakers from Nike Get a Release Date and Price Point

by Liana Ruppert

Ready to relive one of the most beloved consoles in Nintendo’s history? Why not do so with these Nintendo 64 sneakers from Nike? 

The shoes, seen below, are a new version of the 1997 Air Max sneakers and they feature the classic grey console look with the iconic Nintendo colours. Definitely a retro style, which fits with the nature of the console, but if you’re looking to score a pair they won’t come cheap. 

The Nintendo 64 sneakers from Nike are poised to release on September 25th and will run $170. If this set is like previous entries released in Nike’s gaming line, they will be limited to one pair per purchase and will sell out almost immediately, so if you want them – don’t wait to pull that particular trigger.

The Nintendo 64 was hailed for its amazingly advanced 3D graphics that was a first in the gaming market and advanced the gaming experience with its breakthrough 64-bit technology. This system paved the way for gaming’s future, easily trumping that of the PlayStation’s 32-bit experience. Progression, that was the name of the platform game and that’s exactly what the N64 gave us and now Nike is looking to give us a fond way to remember a beloved system.

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Liana Ruppert

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