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NieR: Automata Anime English Dub Voice Cast – All Actors Listed

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by Lucas White

Back in January 2023, the anime adaptation of Square Enix’s cult classic NieR: Automata started airing. After a COVID-related break, the show is back on, but that’s not the only news. Aniplex also announced the English dub cast for NieR: Automata Ver. 1.1a, alongside a debut date of March 18. We’ve gathered a list of the cast below, if you want to see who is playing who in the upcoming English version. Here’s the full NieR: Automata anime English dub voice cast, listed.

NieR: Automata Ver. 1.1a Anime Dub Voice Cast

  • 2B – Kira Buckland
  • 9S – Kyle McClarley
  • A2 – Cherami Leigh
  • Commander – Colleen O’Shaughnessey
  • Pascal – Alexis Tipton
  • Adam – Greg Chun
  • Eve – Ray Chase
  • Lily – Erica Mendez

That’s the list of voice actors for the NieR: Automata anime English dub revealed so far. You can check out a trailer to see some of these voices in action right here:

Sounds pretty familiar, right? If you’re a fan of the original game, you’ll be pleased to know that these are, well, all the same voice actors! From 2B to Pascal, each of these roles have been reprised by the original actors. So if any fans out there were worried about roles being recast, y’all get to toss those worries in the garbage for the time being.

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The exception is Erica Mendez as Lily. But that’s not because someone has been replaced. Rather, Lily is a character who wasn’t present in the original game. Lily was originally introduced in the YoRHa stage play, which told the story of the Pearl Harbor mission from before the game’s events. Lily also appeared in the manga adaptation of said stage play (localized as YoRHa: Pearl Harbor Descent Record – A NieR: Automata Story), and obviously has a role in the new anime.

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