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Ni no Kuni: Wrath of the White Witch – Familiar Spotlight – Oroboros

by Prima Games Staff


On your first trip to Ding Dong Dell, you will encounter the Oroboros, a creature that looks like a lizard that curls up and rolls around like a wheel. This familiar is not only fun to watch roll around but is also one of the most powerful caster familiars you can get for Oliver. The best part is that they are available as soon as you can recruit familiars!

Proper Care and Feeding

With the Oroboros there is no question what to focus on: It is a caster, through and through. The only real trick with raising one is that, while it has a very high Magic Attack, Oroboros won’t learn any offensive elemental tricks on its own until after you metamorphose it for the first time. However, once you’ve reached that stage, it becomes a consistent and reliable attacker.

While the choice is ever yours in how you want to feed your familiars, our suggested distribution of bonus points is:

Magic Attack +30
Defense +20

Because it has a high evasion and the Evade command, Oroboros is not meant to take too many hits so beefing up its defense a bit will help for those occasions when it is unavoidable. Past that, focusing on its obvious strength in elemental tricks, you’ll be well-served to boost Oroboros’ already high Magic Attack.


Once your Oroboros metamorphoses into Chloroboros and reaches level 16 it will learn its first elemental trick, Plasma Ball. Fill out its list with a handful of other elemental tricks by feeding it gems and you have a fast-moving arsenal of magical power. For the second and final metamorphosis you will choose between Obscuroboros and Flouroboros.

Obscuroboros is a dark elemental familiar and possesses much stronger defensive capabilities than its counterpart. It also learns a bevy of very powerful dark elemental tricks that give it a whole lot of punch in combat.

Flouroboros on the other hand, is a light elemental familiar with a higher overall magic attack than Obscuroboros. It does not learn as many offensive tricks but it learns Upsy-Daisy (early on at level 26), a trick that can be used to revive an unconscious party member!

One fun thing to try with Oroboros is to recruit two and metamorphose one into each of the final forms. It may not be as flashy as having three different familiars, but it certainly rounds out your casting power!

Best Buddies

Oroboros is a Vermes family familiar and is best placed with Oliver for the 10% affinity boost. The rest of your party is likely going to depend heavily on which of the final two forms of Oroboros you choose. If you choose to metamorphose into Flouroboros you will want to fill out your party with some powerful attackers like Naja or Mite. Should you choose Obscuroboros you may need to throw an extra healer into your mix or add another familiar for tanking to make sure you don’t soak up too much damage.

Tips and Tricks

Experiment with a variety of different elemental tricks and set ups on your Oroboros’ trick list. By mid to late game it is still a particularly capable attacker and having multiple elemental tricks on hand will allow it to exploit a tough foe or boss’s weaknesses and deal some impressive bonus damage.

Experiment by giving your Oroboros exclusively supporting abilities and take advantage of its speed to dart around the battlefield spot-healing your allies during prolonged battles.

Are there any tricks or tips you have for using Oroboros and its forms in your parties? If you have any advice or suggestions, feel free to let us know in the comments section down below or even just share if there’s a particular familiar you would like to see spotlighted!

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