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Ni no Kuni: Wrath of the White Witch – Derwin Tasks (071 – 075)

In this guide, we take a look at some of the tasks available from Swift Solutions and what kinds of rewards you can expect from them. There are over 100 different tasks to complete in Ni no Kuni and that means there are over 100 rewards just waiting for y
This article is over 11 years old and may contain outdated information

This time, we take a look at Derwin and his quest to learn about familiars. He can first be found in Al Mamoon after completing the Temple of Trials and learning how to recruit familiars. You will meet up with him several times during your adventure and helping him out whenever you meet him culminates in some pretty worthwhile rewards. Below we cover tasks 071-075.

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071 – Desert Creatures

The first time you and Derwin meet, he will ask you to bring him two familiars native to the desert sands surrounding Al Mamoon. Specifically, he would like to see a Green Buncher and a Turbandit. It’s entirely possible that you’ve managed to recruit both of these familiars just in your trek back to Al Mamoon from the Temple of Trials. Turbandit is fairly easy to recruit with a fairly high (18%) chance. The Green Buncher on the other hand only has a 6% chance to be recruitable, so it may take several tries to get. Once you’ve recruited both familiars, add them to your party or reserves then speak with Derwin and he will reward you with 500G, a stardrop, a moondrop and 4 merit stamps.

072 – Mechanical Creatures

When you arrive in Hamelin you will once again run into Derwin. Seems he’s managed to find a way across the ocean too. This time he asks you to bring him three familiars of the Automata family. His clues will point you to Clicketyclank, Sprog Cog and Tin-Man. Clicketyclank and Sprog Cog both have an 8% chance of being recruited while Tin-Man, (like the Green Bunchers in the previous task) has only a 6% recruit chance. Fortunately all three of these familiars are found in abundance in the areas just outside Hamelin. Bring them to Derwin and this time he’ll hand over 2,000G, 2 sundrops, 2 planetdrops and 5 merit stamps.

073 – Snow-Loving Creatures

In Yule you’ll find that Derwin is still at it! This time he wants help studying the local frozen population and asks (cryptically) for you to bring him a few. The first is Ice Queen. You can find them in the Glittering Grotto with a 6.4% chance to recruit. Alternately, you can metamorphose an Ice Maiden. Next on Derwin’s list is the Sasquash. You can find them around the winterlands alongside Sasquish and can either recruit one (6.4% chance) or recruit a Sasquish and metamorphose it. The final familiar Derwin would like to see is a Lotus Bubbud. Like the other two you can either recruit it (4% chance) or if you recruited a Bubbud earlier in the game you can metamorphose it into a Lotus Bubbud (one of the two final forms for the familiar). Add them to your party or reserves and talk to Derwin and he’ll reward you with 3,000G, a jumbo sundrop, a jumbo stardrop and 6 merit stamps.

074 – More Creatures

After you restore power to Mornstar and Perdida’s gates are opened once more, you will find Derwin again. His studies are nearly complete and now he is looking into familiar metamorphosis. To complete this study he would like to see three familiars in their final form of metamorphosis.

Flash Fry, one of the final two forms of the Small Frys found on Old Smoky. Alternately you can find a Deep Fry in the same area and only metamorphose a single time.

The second familiar is Wispula, metamorphosed from the Wisps you can find on the Tombstone Trail. You can also head to Nevermore and recruit a Ghost Wisperer and only metamorphose it once.

The final familiar on Derwin’s list is a Trumpy-Pumper which you can metamorphose from the Shonky Honkers you can find outside of Castaway Cove. If you only want to metamorphose once to get a Trumpy-Pumper you can find a Sharper-Parper in the Miasmic Marshes outside Nevermore.

Upon seeing all three of these familiars, Derwin will part with 5,000G, 2 jumbo moondrops, 2 jumbo sundrops and a whopping 7 merit stamps.

075 – Fierce Creatures

The final task Derwin has for you can only be undertaken after you have completed the main story of the game. Instead of finding familiars to study he instead asks you to take down three creatures that are endangering their local familiar population. These three targets are all stronger versions of various bounty hunts:

  1. Grubby Fug: Found on a small island southeast if the Winter Wonderlands.
  2. Auric Collum: Found on the plateaus that make up the southern genie’s steps between Al Mamoon and Castaway Cove.
  3. Shellmet: Found just north of Teeheeti Island on the No Longer Mine Island.

Track down and defeat these creatures then return to Derwin. He thanks you for all your hard work throughout your journeys by giving you 500G and tickets that you can take to the Solosseum and exchange for a Lumberwood, Relixx and Dinocerous. While it is possible to recruit all three of these familiars in the wild, they all have low recruit chances and are fairly uncommon in their respective habitats.

Learn more – check out our article on advanced party building tactics.

If you have a task you are stuck on or would like to see featured and detailed, feel free to let us know in the comments section below!

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