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Ni No Kuni: Wrath of the White Witch – Familiar Basics – Celestial Signs

by Prima Games Staff

What Are The Celestial Signs

Each creature has one of four celestial signs—sun, star, moon, or planet—that alters its special properties and determines what treats it needs to eat to metamorphose into new forms. Each sign also has a double version, which increases the magnitude of its effects.

Even when doubled, the effects of signs are often modest compared to the effects of elemental types (which we’ll cover in the “Basics of Combat” section), but they can make all the difference in a tough fight.

The rarest signs are planet and double planet, which are highly prized for the experience bonus they provide to their lucky holder.

The double-planet sign is especially strong, as it offers bonuses against every other sign (except the planet sign).

Some creatures always have the same sign, while others may have a normal sign or its double variant, and a select few may have three different signs—usually a normal sign, its double variant, and the planet or double-planet sign.

Normal signs are usually the most common, with double signs appearing less often and planet signs appearing only very rarely.

Once a creature joins you as a familiar, its celestial sign is set for life, even if it metamorphoses into another form.

Celestial Sign Effects

Celestial Sign Relationships

The sun, moon, and star signs have a rock-paper-scissors relationship, where sun beats moon, moon beats star, and star beats sun.

The result of this is that, in combat, a sun-sign familiar will deal 20 percent extra damage to a moon-type (or double-moon-type) familiar but 20 percent less damage to a star-type (or double-star-type) familiar.

If the attacker has a double sign, the bonus and penalty will both rise to 30 percent: For example, a double-star-sign familiar will do 30 percent extra damage to a sun-type (or double-sun-type) familiar and 30 percent less damage to a moon-type (or double-moon-type) familiar.

The planet sign works differently. A familiar with a planet sign has no bonuses or penalties against any familiars, except for a hefty 50 percent damage bonus against familiars with a double-planet sign.

Meanwhile, a double-planet-sign familiar will enjoy a 10 percent damage bonus against sun-, star-, and moon-sign familiars (and their double variants) but has no particular advantage or penalty against a planet-sign familiar.


Virtually all of the powerful enemies that appear in bounty hunts have the sun sign, so the sun-trumping star sign (or better yet, the double-star sign) is particularly valuable. Note that normal bosses have no sign at all.

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