One of the first enemies Oliver encounters in the world of Ni No Kuni, Sleepeafowl is a rather unassuming little creature. While it does take a little bit of effort to raise it up, Sleepeafowl has the potential to be one of the more powerful and flexible, non-rare casters in the game. It does not learn many tricks right away, but once you start metamorphosing your familiars, the time you put into raising a Sleepeafowl will pay off in spades. Plus, it's pretty darn cute!

Proper Care and Feeding


Being an Aves family familiar, Sleepeafowl's favorite treat is ice cream, which raises evasion. Unfortunately its strength is not in evasion and feeding your Sleepeafowl ice cream treats is best saved for when you need to raise its familiarity level (read more on familiarity here). The strongest stat a Sleepeafowl has is its magical attack and it's well worth it to focus there. Depending on how you fill out your party, you may decide to spread your boosts differently. As with Mite (more on Mite here), we've provided an example layout for spreading your bonus points around:

Magical Attack +20
Defense +20
Magical Defense +10

Sleepeafowl already has a solid magical attack stat which is bolstered by pairing it with Esther but because it is geared toward elemental tricks, a few extra points never hurt. While filling a caster role, the odds Sleepeafowl will take damage are fairly low. However, because you cannot cancel a trick once your familiar has started to cast it you will occasionally take a few extra hits from area attacks, so make sure you don't get knocked out in one hit.



Sleepeafowl doesn't actually learn any offensive tricks until you metamorphose it into its second form, Hippeafowl. Once it has become a Hippeafowl it will be able to learn tricks from storm gems and will learn a handful of storm elemental tricks naturally. For its second metamorphosis you will choose between Grumpeafowl and Wimpeafowl.

Grumpeafowl is a well-rounded fire elemental familiar who learns some powerful fire element tricks and possesses higher physical scores. However your other option, Wimpeafowl is arguably a far better choice for the second metamorphosis. Wimpeafowl has significantly higher magical attack and defense, something the Sleepeafowl family specializes in already. Additionally, Wimpeafowl is able to learn an enormous variety of elemental tricks. It naturally learns water tricks in addition to the storm element tricks learned during its time as a Hippeafowl. Plus, as a Wimpeafowl, it is able to learn tricks from Fire, Storm, Dark Neutral and Physical gems! It is also important to note that as a Hippeafowl, it can learn tricks from light element gems, giving you a familiar that, if raised right, can learn tricks from every available element! Pretty hard to pass up that form, wouldn't you say?

Best Buddies


Esther is the most compatible with Sleepeafowl as it is an Aves family familiar and gets that oh-so-handy stat boost when paired together. Because it doesn't have the most impressive defensive stats, make sure that in tougher fights your other characters can field familiars with the Yoo-Hoo trick (just in case one of your enemies gets tired of being pelted by elemental tricks). Make sure you keep at least one or two other casting familiars in your party so that you don't find yourself out of MP against a physically resistant boss. If you decide to focus on Wimpeafowl and its elemental variety, it is a good idea to give Oliver of Marcassin a familiar for healing and stock Esther with other familiars for support or physical damage. This allows you to conserve her lower MP pool for flinging elemental tricks around.

Tricks and Tricks


Decide early how you plan to develop your Sleepeafowl because if you metamorphose it into a Wimpeafowl it will no longer be able to learn tricks from light element gems. Ideally you will end up with a familiar capable of casting at least one offensive trick from each element. Even though you will likely be using it in an offensive fashion you may want to consider giving it a healing light gem like Healing Rain early on to give it the ability to support the party in emergencies.

Ultimately, it is up to you how to raise your Sleepeafowl, but we hope you find it to be a helpful addition to your party. Feel free to comment below if you have a favorite trick or suggestion for using Sleepeafowl or if you have a favorite familiar you would like to see spotlighted!

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