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NHL 94 Rewind Announced as NHL 21 Pre-Order Bonus

by Jesse Vitelli

Today EA announced that NHL 94 would be coming back (sort of). NHL 94 Rewind features today’s roster and teams but with the controls and graphics of NHL 94. This is a pre-order bonus for the upcoming NHL 21, which releases on October 16.

This was announced via the official EA Sports NHL Twitter account, which you can see below.


NHL Rewind will be available on October 30, so you’ll have to wait a bit after the release of NHL 21 to gain access to it.

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A lot has changed in the 26 years since NHL 94 was released. We can’t wait to play with the current NHL roster. It will be exciting to play as the 2020 Islanders and smack around those pesky New York Rangers in the NHL 94 graphics.

The NHL has also had quite a bit change in the organization itself since 94. For instance, new teams like the Predators and the Golden Knights did not exist back then. Teams have moved states, and most importantly, new players have entered the fray.

Players like John Tavares, Austin Matthews, and Henrik Lundqvist are some of the best players to date, and they all entered the NHL well after NHL 94 was made.

NHL 21 usually releases in September but was delayed a month this year. We hope this delay helped flesh out some of the single-player modes, which NHL desperately needs. It has also been confirmed that NHL 21 will not receive any next-generation upgrades this year.

You’ll be able to play it on your next-gen consoles, but it won’t be optimized to take full advantage of the hardware. This is a bummer, but all we can do is hope that maybe down the line, EA will put in the time and money to make that happen for NHL fans.

Either way, we are excited to get back in the rink and play a proper hockey season. Stay tuned to Prima for more coverage of NHL 21 and all things video games. 

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