NHL 14 Officially Coming September 10th To Xbox 360, PlayStation 3

It'll have a new fighting system in, ahem, check.

We told you late last week that EA Sports was just about ready to lift the veil off its latest hockey masterpiece NHL 14, and today it did just that.

The game, which was announced for Xbox 360 and PlayStation 3, will be hitting stores on September 10th.  You’ll find all the great gameplay that you’ve come to expect from the series over the past few years, along with a number of refinements that will make it even better.

For instance, there will be improved collision physics, so you can feel the jarring of every hit on the ice.  You’ll also be able to use the left analog hit controls to really dive into a player and keep the puck going.  If impacts can work that well in Madden NFL 13, we’re eager to see what it does for these guys.

In addition, the fighting/enforcer system is being revamped from the ground up, with a fighting system that replicates EA’s Fight Night franchise.  Jostling will also be included, to add realism to each battle.

A modified deke system will also be introduced along with an overhaul of the “Be a Pro” mode, where you guide a player both on and off the ice to greatness, including interacting with the media and teammates.  Just don’t create any unnecessary friction, okay?

Check out the debut trailer for the game here and get ready to hit the ice later this year.  We’ll have a strategic preview for you soon.

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