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Next-Gen Xbox Will Reportedly Be “More Advanced” Than PS5

by Liana Ruppert

Sony re-ignited all of those next generation rumors when they teased the first official details for the PlayStation 5 earlier this week. With SSD optimization, backwards compatibility, and insanely reduced loading times, the next-gen talk has just received the boost needed to take it to the next level. Though Sony is sitting E3 2019 out, Microsoft isn’t and they’ve been teasing the “biggest” E3 yet for Xbox fans which makes the next generation of gaming an even hotter topic. Even better? A report recently surfaced that alleges that the dubbed Xbox Anaconda will be even more advanced and powerful than the upcoming PlayStation. 

Journalist Ainsley Bowden took to Twitter to share that “multiple” insiders close to Microsoft / Xbox Games Studio confirmed that the Xbox Anaconda – the codename for the next generation – would be “more advanced” than the PlayStation 5 following this week’s earlier report of PS5 specs. 

Xbox insider Klobrille also took to the Resetera forums to provide a little insight into Microsoft’s plans to be the “better performing device” over Sony’s next entry. We don’t know much about the next generation of Xbox other than various leaks and rumors, but the most reoccuring report is that Microsoft will have two variants of their next generation system: the Xbox Anacondo and the Xbox Lockhart. The Anaconda will reportedly be the equivelant of the current-gen Xbox One X with significant improvements to make it even better. 

As will all rumors, leaks, and reports, take everything above with a grain of salt until Microsoft themselves officially confirms what’s next. Luckily it looks like that confirmation could be as soon as this June, though we’ll have to wait until E3 to be sure. 

Liana Ruppert

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