New Super Mario RPG Mechanics Put a New Spin On an Old Classic

Mario and the gang are back in town

Super Mario RPG Combat Featured

The newest Super Mario RPG trailer showcased many of the new mechanics being introduced in the upcoming remake of the original title. Featuring new moves, battles, and even post-game content, the title promises to be more than a simple one-by-one recreation and more of a reimagination of Mario’s official RPG adventure.

Battle mechanics take the cake in the trailer, showcasing how timing your inputs can turn the tides in battle by increasing/decreasing damage inflicted by both you and your enemies. This works just like it did in previous Mario RPG games, making battles a semi-rhythmic fight. But the difference now is that hitting the correct timing fills the gauge near your character’s info bar, leading to a super move.

Super Mario RPG Combat Battles
Image via Nintendo

As it’s named, the Triple Move will vary according to the characters currently present at your party. This is essential to tackle enemies and bosses you’ll meet during your adventure.

They can now be rechallenged in a post-game scenario, where they’ll be more vital than ever. And maybe there’s even more hidden around the kingdom…? Bring out the best of your party members to beat these big guys!

Super Mario RPG Combat Content
Image via Nintendo

The original Super Mario RPG, released all the way back in 1996 for the NES, has become a classic among fans thanks to the masterful way it mixes both classical Mario platforming and  RPG mechanics, courtesy of the Square-Enix team (which was responsible for the game’s production) in a way that neither of them feels out of place. As such, many nods from their original games, such as Final Fantasy, can be found around the game.

Super Mario RPG is out on November 17, 2023 for the Nintendo Switch. Pre-orders are already available. Join Mario, Peach, Bowser, and the original game characters Mallow and Geno in their journey to save the Star Road, now with updated graphics! 

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