New Resident Evil 8 Details Revealed

Two devs working on Resident Evil 8 decided to give fans a few more details about what's to come.

Back in June, Resident Evil 8 was finally revealed after months of torturous rumors and leaks. The next step for this popular horror franchise looks to be the darkest yet with a few returning facings coming front and center. Now two of the devs working on the next Resident Evil are sharing new details outlining the road ahead.  

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Two of the devs, Pete Fabiano and Tsuyoshi Kanda, recently sat down with Famitsu to talk a little more about Resident Evil 8. While they were careful not to give too much away, we’re still a way off of launch yet and more surprises are on the way, they did provide some insight on the development journey thus far and more on some of the returning characters first seen in the debut announcement trailer. 

Thanks to translations provided by Alex Aniel, we now know that Resident Evil 8 has been in development for roughly three and a half years. We also have a small tease about where Chris is at now following the events of Resident Evil 7 regarding his relationship with Ethan and Mia. Though the devs didn’t reveal specifics, they did tease “It’s not strange to think they formed a new relationship after Resident Evil 7 based on their shared experience. We hope we gave players that impression! But, we may defy your expectations.” 


As far as why the trailer said “his story comes to a close,” both devs refused to comment on who specifically that teaser was pointed at, though they did add that 8 will serve as 7’s conclusion. Another interesting tid-bit was Chris Redfield’s evolution throughout the franchise. In the interview, his PTSD in Resident Evil 6 came up and now he’s seemingly lost his status as the franchise’s hero. While they didn’t reveal specifics, they did mention in the interview that this was important and that it’s not hard to guess what will happen to him next and to “look forward to the game” to learn more. 

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Chris Redfield is definitely one of those characters that have been put through the ringer several times over, and we’re not just talking about his face. If this is truly a conclusion to previous stories told, it will be interesting to see where the studio lands with some of their most iconic characters to-date. 

Interested in learning more? You can see the full translation from the interview with the thread here. 

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