A new Resident Evil 3: Nemesis remake trailer has just been revealed thanks to the good folks over at PlayStation and it not only gives us a closer look at Nemesis, but also our first look at some of the new enemies that players will face. Mr. X who? 

Flaming Nemesis? Check! Dramatic escape? Check. The latest trailer, seen below, has exactly what made us so excited about the Resident Evil 2 remake but adapted to the third entry. Seeing the new character redesigns in action is also exciting and seeing the stunning modern-day graphics and heart-pounding horror all wrapped up into a beautiful April 2020 package is beyond incredible. 

Let's face it: Zombies are scary but throw in a Nemesis with a far-reaching flamethrower as seen in the trailer above? Yeah, we can already see all of the many deaths we're going to incur during our first run. 

For those that are interested in the remake in addition to Capcom's co-op Resident Evil experience with Project Resistance, the RE3 remake acts as the single-player campaign to the previously announced game, which makes it the best of both worlds. 

We'll be able to see Nemesis and the new enemies in action when Resident Evil 3: Nemesis drops on April 3, 2020.