We've got our first full look at Jill Valentine in the upcoming Resident Evil 3 remake, but not everybody is happy about it. As is with anything out on the internet, there are people that seem quite angry at the reenvisioning of our beloved Jill, though it wasn't all bad feedback thankfully. 

During PlayStation's final State of Play showcase for 2019, Capcom revealed the long-rumored Resident Evil 3 remake. Not only does the latest play on nostalgia come with Project Resistance, it also offers a fresh new look for some of our favorite characters. The biggest difference? Jill. And it seems like it's the Claire and Chris fiasco all over again with the divisive reactions. 

Now ... the reactions. Some were thrilled, others - not so much:

Many likened her new look to that of Milla Jovovich, the actress that brought Alice to life in the Resident Evil films. Others said the new look was an incredible pivot, while the other side of the reactionary spectrum feel it feels too different to be Jill. 

We'll be able to see her new look for ourselves when the Resident Evil 3 remake makes its grand debut on April 3, 2020.