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New Resident Evil 2 Trailer Shows Off Gameplay and Characters

by Josh Hawkins

Today Resident Evil fans get another taste of the upcoming remake for Resident Evil 2 thanks to a new trailer and screenshots. The new trailer has quite a bit of gameplay to show off and it will launch on the Xbox One and other platforms near the start of next year, January 25, 2019.

In the new screenshots, players can get a good feel for the dark corridors and gore-filled battles that await them. Meanwhile, the trailer gives a good showcasing of the remade characters, including Ada Wong, Leon Kennedy and Claire Redfield, all three of which play an important part in the story.

You can check out the trailer above, which has quite a bit of meat to it. Make sure you give it a nice watch to get a good look at what players are going to have to look forward to in the remake when it hits next year. The original Resident Evil 2 launched back in 1998 and has been considered a cult classis since. It’s great to see Capcom revisiting the title and many Resident Evil fans are excited to dive in and see what the game has to offer when it comes out.

In Resident Evil 2, players follow the story of Leon Kennedy, a rookie police officer thrust headfirst into the end of the world as he and Claire Redfield try to survive a dangerous outbreak in Raccoon City, all while fighting off dangerous zombie creatures. We’ll be sure to keep you up to date with any additional information that drops about the game. For now, check out the trailer above and be sure to keep an eye out for more news as it drops.


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