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New Promotion Brings Arcade Game That Gives Beer To the Winner

by Prima Games Staff

We’ve seen arcade games that have given out tickets…but we’ve never seen one that’s been as rewarding as The Last Barfighter.  It gives out BEER.

In a new promotion announced alongside Raleigh-based Big Boss Brewing Company, the McKinney Ten Percent agency has announced that it has created an arcade fighting game called The Last Barfighter, one that features five characters based on the company’s brews.  Players will be able to take control of Hell’s Belle, Bad Penny, Angry Angel, Blanco Diablo and High Roller as they punch, kick and special move their way to victory.  The winner of the best out of three match-ups are then rewarded by having their cup filled with beer.

The machine has been made for promotional purposes, so, sadly, it won’t be making its way to every barcade in America.  However, McKinney does plan on making it available at promotional and charitable events, so you just might get your chance to try it out yet…and enjoy some delicious Big Boss brew in the meantime.

Watch the trailer below for epic fighting and beer pouring madness.  You can learn more about Big Boss at  Drink on, those of legal age!

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