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New Pokémon Revealed in Detective Pikachu Trailer #2

by Prima Games Staff

A brand new Detective Pikachu trailer dropped today that delves deeper into the realistically styled Pokémon realm of Ryme City. In the trailer, we learn a bit more about Pikachu himself, including his desire to learn more about his identity and origins, as well as his fierce love for caffeine.

We also get a better idea as to how Pikachu found himself in Tim Goodman’s home after we see him pick up a hat with the name of Tim’s father on the inner label along with the return address. The trailer recaps imagery seen in the first trailer, and emphasizes the epic journey the two will take together.

Different Pokémon can be seen in this trailer from all different generations old and new. The most exciting Pokémon appearance is arguably that of Mewtwo, who appears towards the end of the trailer. A battle between Pikachu and Charizard is also teased, with the odds seemingly stacked against Pikachu.

Finally, a new poster for Detective Pikachu was also revealed today. It features a colorful, neon background and Tim Goodman (played by Justice Smith) looking out over Ryme City with Detective Pikachu (voiced by Ryan Reynolds) on his shoulder. There are plenty of hidden goodies in the poster, including a cute little Bulbasaur and a Charizard flying off in the distance.

Detective Pikachu is scheduled to hit theaters on May 10.

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