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New Mystery Character Revealed in Honkai: Star Rail’s Latest YouTube Trailer

Course it takes another Hoyoverse game to reveal Celestia

by Jordan Lemons

Jokes aside, in Honkai: Star Rail’s latest trailer, we are introduced to a whole new character who has not been seen before in any of their previous videos. However, it is possible that she may become a very important character in the future.

Who is this New Character and Why is She Important to Honkai: Star Rail?

This trailer has only been out for a short period of time and already there are theories eluding as to who this mystery character veiled in a hood might be. She talks about the Aeons from a diviner’s perspective while playing with cards, much like how Kafka would in the last trailer by Honkai: Star Rail, Interstellar Journey. 

While she informs the viewer about the many paths of the Aeons, she also points to a few that you might not be so familiar with or have only seen in passing through Herta’s Simulated Universe. Aha, the Elation, the Voracity, the Beauty, the Propagation, the Enigmata, the Equilibrium, and lastly, the Trailblazer, Akivili. Although these are not exactly hidden paths to the player; they are still only hinted at throughout the story and have not been officially revealed yet. 

This is as much as the YouTube trailer reveals, but wouldn’t you know it, you have already met this person before.

In one of Herta’s Memory Bubbles, one placed directly outside of her office, titled Aeons, you are privy to a conversation between Herta and a hooded woman in a silk cloak. She claims to be an “Emanator and Mirror Holder,” reflecting the vision of the Aeons to Herta and revealing their form to her.

“Staring at the woman’s surreal face concealed under the wide brim of her hood, you can hardly believe the bizarre stories she has just told.
God really exist, and they are elevated from mortals? Gods aren’t almighty, but each holds different authorities and walks different roads? This is too ridiculous! She even claims to be some sort of Emanator and Mirror Holder…”

-Herta Memory Bubble, Honkai: Star Rail

One theory suggested that she must be an Aeon herself for her to reveal such knowledge. Though she talks about the Aeons, she does not refer to them as close allies but rather as distant observers. 

Personally, I am not of the mind that she herself is an Aeon, but as a Diviner that uses magic through mirrors and stars, I cannot help but wonder if the whispers of her being Mona the Magician’s teacher might be true. It would be up to Hoyoverse of all people to reveal the mysterious woman through another game rather than the original where she came from. 

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Already, we have seen connections between Honkai: Star Rail and its sister games, what do you think of the trailer and the clues at hand? We can only await the next part and hope that Hoyoverse will release more crumbs for us in the future. 

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