New Kingdom Hearts Missing-Link Trailer Announces Beta Test and More Lore, Probably

Because everybody loves mobile games with consequences for the main games.

Kingdom Hearts Missing Link Beta Test Featured

After a whole year in the dark, the Kingdom Hearts community has finally received some news with more info on the upcoming title Missing-Link finally coming online, with a new trailer and the first Closed Beta Test period announced for some selected regions.

First revealed back in 2022, the upcoming iOS/Android game is scheduled to be released sometime during 2024, and it’s currently recruiting testers for its first Closed Beta exclusively in the United Kingdom and Australia. Info was revealed through the official Kingdom Hearts Missing Link X (formerly Twitter) account, recently rebranded from the now-offline Kingdom Hearts Unchained χ.

Players in the regions above can register for the Closed Beta through this link, as well as read more about its details and restrictions. Registration goes from October 30th to November 19th, with the actual tests going from November 29th to December 8th on iOS, with no scheduled date yet for Android devices.

Missing-Link is the next entry in the series and, following its weird traditions, also contains important lore for the overall series despite not being a mainline game. Its plot is also heavily influenced by previous mobile titles Unchained χ and Dark Road, both discontinued after a few years of online service.

Settled in a previous era (not as ancient as the games mentioned above), players can customize their own Keyblade wielder and battle against enemy Heartless after searching them around your area in a Pokemon GO-like style gameplay. Darkness might be lurking in your neighborhood, so it’s time to get up and get rid of it.

Getting another mobile game instead of actual Kingdom Hearts 4 news is a bit frustrating, but it’s definitely reassuring to get anything about the series after a long silent period. Missing-Link will doubtlessly find a way to tie itself to the fourth mainline game, so diehard fans might have to keep an eye on its story even if they plan to skip it.

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