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New Images of Google Console Controller Unveiled

by Prima Games Staff

A series of design mockup images for a brand new console controller were revealed after Google filed an official patent for the device. At first glance, the controller seems pretty standard with a colorful d-pad on the left side, two joysticks, two bumpers at the top, and color-coded buttons on the right.

Offsetting its basic approach, there are a few key differences incorporated into the controller’s design that are worth pointing out, including a microphone button at the bottom, likely for integrated Google voice comments. At the top, there’s a home key and menu key, while a circular Google “G” button occupies the center. 

After seeing images of the Google controller, gamers have expressed discontent in everything from the position of the joysticks to the overall flatness of the design, accompanied by an oddly rectangular body similar to that of a PlayStation 4 controller. 

As of right now, we know that Google is planning to announce something pertaining to the gaming realm at this year’s Game Developers Conference. While there’s no word as to what exactly Google has planned for their GDC keynote, it’s possible we’ll get to see this controller in action. 

GDC is scheduled to run from March 18 through March 22, with Google’s keynote scheduled for March 19.

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