After an ominous 12-hour countdown on Bungie’s site, an update gave fans the chance to view a teaser trailer for the next Halo 3 title.

The ad shows a series of pods crashing from the sky into the buildings of an unrecognizable city in ruins, all through the view of a digital, often distorting display.

Flashes of onscreen text reveal little, with utterances of things like “please stay calm”, and “keep it clean” displayed for a few moments before disappearing into nothing. What this all means, we don’t know; they’re deliberately keeping us guessing.

The ad features the words “prepare to drop” just before its close, could this mean something? What’s the significance? The truth is out there. Or maybe it isn’t, which seems to be the case in this instance.

Take a look anyway, this new fangled information superhighway thing will apparently let you see moving pictures.