Despite being an older game, new Grand Theft Auto: San Andreas cheats have been discovered by players. And yes, they're super secret. Helpful? Maybe? Cool? Definitely, so what exactly was found cheat-wise for the popular GTA game from Rockstar? 

First things first, let's all just get on the same page here when we say that Grand Theft Auto: San Andreas was a flippin' delight. It was a sandbox fan's dream, which makes this find 15 years later pretty dope. That being said, it's a little specific. The newly found content comes by way of the mobile port that first released in 2013. For those unaware, that's the same port that last-gen saw with the 360 and PlayStation 3. 

A group of modders found a few additional content pockets with secret cheats, including some that were not within the PlayStation 2 game's coding. As it turns out, War Drum Studios - the team that ported the title - decided to add in some of their own cheats for players to find. Could be for entertainment, could be for internal testing, but one thing is for sure: they have been found. 

As for the cheats themselves, there are quite a few with the most talked about being the ability to access mid-game weapons, gear, and other loot - which makes them more desirable. According to YouTuber Vadim M, this particular cheat was classified under "ScriptbyPass" and it allows players to skip chosen missions in the game. Whether players found those particular missions troublesome or they just had a hard time "gitting gud," this particular cheat will help players cut out the parts of San Andreas they don't entirely dig. 

So we have cheats, we have knowledge - how do we actually use them for a mobile port? First things first, you're going to need to be able to connect a keyboard to your mobile platform. Then there are specific instructions on coding in the video at the bottom of the article to walk those interested through the entire process. 

Interested? Check out the hidden Grand Theft Auto: San Andreas cheats below: