Season X has brought an array of significant changes to the world of Fortnite Battle Royale. One of these significant changes brought by Fortnite Season X has been the rift zones. These rift zones are points of interest on the map of the high-profile battle royale game which has had unique effects applied to them. A future rift zone can be spotted by the location of the beacon device which causes these unusual changes to occur for a particular location on the map. The newest beacon has officially appeared, and it looks like an area in the Desert will be the next to transform.

Fortnite Desert Rift Beacon

This brand new Fortnite Rift Beacon is currently located at the Trucker's Oasis location near the edge of the southern part of the title's map. It remains to be seen when exactly this new Rift Beacon will activate and cause significant changes to the location where it is currently situated. 

It is likely the Fortnite Rift Beacon located at the Trucker's Oasis will be activated when the v10.20 update goes live for the battle royale game on Tuesday, August 27th. 

The first few rift beacon activations have caused significant changes to the map of Fortnite. With this in mind, players can expect this latest one will have the Trcuker's Oasis looking like it has never before.