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New Final Fantasy VII Remake Trailer Teases Bigger Reveal For E3 2019

by Liana Ruppert

Ever since Square Enix revealed our first look at the upcoming Final Fantasy VII remake, fans (hi, me) have been excited to learn when exactly we will be getting our hands on the new project. Unfortunately, the stretch between news has been long but now we’ve got another new trailer for the remake in addition to E3 2019 promises. 

What’s interesting about the latest trailer is that it’s still marketed for this generation, which shoots down some of the more recent rumors that speculated it would be a next-gen release only. This also gave us an extensive look at the actual gameplay, not just cinematics, and we can all agree that Sephiroth looks even more beautiful than before (just let me have this).

Though Nomura and the team have admitted that they revealed the game far too early, it is good to see that they are ramping up for a launch date reveal. Now that the progress for Final Fantasy is full steam ahead with the completion of the latest Kingdom Hearts, perhaps we might even see a release date confirmation at this year’s E3

Knowing that the remake will be episodic as part of the game’s reconstruction in addition to key narrative changes to make it “more than just a remake” has made hype for this project unreal. With Sony bowing out of the E3 festivities this year, it will be interesting to see what Square Enix reveals at the expo, or if there will be a private reveal at a later date for when the new game will actually be releasing. Until an official confirmation, all we have are our dreams of that glorious one-winged angel to see us through the night.

Liana Ruppert

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