New Fable Game Announced by Playground Games and Xbox Game Studios

Finally, the next Fable is revealed!

Developed by Playground Games, a new Fable game has finally been revealed. It’s coming to Xbox Series X and Windows 10, and will of course be a day one Xbox Game Pass release as well. Check out the reveal trailer, which is about the tone you’d expect for the Fable series despite the change of hands.

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As is the case with a lot of these Xbox Games Showcase announcements, these are early and don’t come with much information. But rest assured, we’ll be updating all these stories as soon as we know more.

What’s remarkable about this announcement is that this is the first true, new Fable game to come in a literal decade. We last saw the series with Fable III for the Xbox 360 in 2010. Since then we’ve seen a series of spin-offs from Lionhead Studios, which included Fable Coin Golf, Fables Heroes, and Fable: The Journey. Fable then made its way to Xbox One with Fable Fortune, a free-to-play card game that was finished after the closure of Lionhead Studios.

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Fable Fortune has been the only Xbox One release in the series, and it was shut down in March of this year. Lionhead Studios had also been working on a multiplayer game called Fable Legends, which got as far as a teaser trailer before it was cancelled, also ending Lionhead Studios in the process.

Fable started life all the way back in 2004 for the original Xbox, and at the time it was a massively-anticipated fantasy epic led by Lionhead Studios’ infamous Peter Molyneux. Ever since the hype cycle for the original Fable, the series has been a big contributor to the air of notoriety that surrounded Molyneux while he ran Lionhead. Despite the drama, the core Fable trilogy cultivated a large fanbase and was a major Xbox pillar for several years.

Rumors of Fable coming back were floating around as far back as 2018, and the running narrative has been connected to Playground Games since then. It turns out those rumors were on the money, as the Forza Horizon studio is indeed the developer behind this new Fable game. Playground Games also happened to be acquired by Microsoft in 2018, as part of the renewed Xbox Game Studios initiative.

There isn’t much going on in the trailer, but how do you feel about the new Fable game finally being out there, readers? Has this been a long time coming, or is it a surprise? What are you hoping Playground Games can bring to the table? Feel free to give us a shout over on the Prima Games Twitter and Facebook pages – we want to hear from you!



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