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New DLC Packs hit Saints Row 4

by Bryan Dawson

The last batch of small DLC packs for Saints Row 4 released today. First up is the Bling Bling Pack, which adds several new attacks that result in money in your pocket. Seems to be a fitting name for such a useful DLC pack.

Next up are two fan-designed DLC packs. The Polarizer is the winner of the GameStop Warped Weapon Challenge. It uses the power of magnetism to pick up unsuspecting people and launches them into the air. The second is the Reverse Cosplay Pack, which is free content for all. It includes two fan-designed outfits from a contest that was run in November of last year.

Last but not least are the College Daze and Game On small content packs. The College Daze Pack comes complete with beer hats and barstool racers, while the Game On Pack comes with a variety of sports-related goodies. We’ve seen a Zamboni, hockey clothes, and some golf items to name a few.

Everything is out today on the Xbox 360 and Steam, with the PlayStation Network release coming next week!

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