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New Details Emerge On Super Smash Bros.

by Prima Games Staff

As expected, Nintendo came out swinging with its latest Nintendo Direct special, which focused on the upcoming multiplayer brawler Super Smash Bros. for both 3DS and Wii U.

First off, director Masahiro Sakurai confirmed release periods for both versions of the game, but they’re further apart than you might think. The Nintendo 3DS version will arrive over the summer, while the Wii U version will follow during winter 2014. No exact dates were given, however.

The 3DS version has gone through a technical overhaul, as it will run at 60 frames per second throughout, even in 3D. The only thing that will be slower is the line-up of secondary characters, moving at 30 frames per second.

Next up, Sakurai showed several levels that are exclusive to both versions. Examples include 3D Land, the Spirit Train and the Balloon Fight stages for 3DS, and the Pilot Wings, Mario Galaxy and Wii Fit Studio stages for Wii U. Several classic stages from the series will also return, including the coveted Final Destination arena.

From there, new secondary characters made appearances. The first was Dr. Wily’s Yellow Devil, a huge behemoth who serves as a dangerous obstacle in the stage. If a player hits him just right in his eye enough times, however, he creates an explosion that can harm other players on the stage. Ridley from the Metroid series also made a cameo appearance in a different stage.

Online play was then detailed, as both versions will feature For Fun and For Glory modes, with different rules and options for fighting against random players. When it comes to taking on friends, however, rules don’t apply, and fans can set up whatever conditions they please.

Global Smash Play was also introduced, featuring online scoreboards that tally into an overall Global Smash score. This is a great way to compete with others without actually fighting against them.

Other secondary characters were then revealed, including Mother Brain from Metroid, Knuckle Joe from Kirby’s adventures, Waluigi and Midna, among others. They will serve as additional attackers summoned by the main fighters.

Players can also throw Pokeballs, which feature a number of Pokemon characters, including Meowth, Electrode, Staryu and Eevee, as well as Fennekin from the Pokemon X & Y series. 

Balance was the next topic, and several fighters have been touched up for better play, including Zero Suit Samus, with a new pair of rocket boots, and Zelda’s alternate form of Sheik. Little Mac also had some great new moves, including a charging uppercut that can clear the stage with ease.

The 3DS version will also get a special new mode called Smash Run, where up to four players can battle through an arena and collect power-ups (like Jump, Attack and Speed), and then utilize them in a final battle against the others. No word yet on what equivalent of the mode the Wii U version will get just yet.

Finally, a trailer recapped all the fighters in the game, and introduced two new ones – Charizard and Greninja from the Pokemon universe. You can view that in the Nintendo Direct special yourself here.

Even though Super Smash Bros. is still a ways away – especially for Wii U fans who wanted a sooner release than winter – there’s no doubt it’ll live up to the rest of the series. Be sure to check back for continued coverage on this upcoming brawler. It’s almost time to fight!

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