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New Call of Duty 2020 Gameplay Leaked, Immediately Taken Down

by Liana Ruppert

Back in May, a pretty extensive leaked alleged that Call of Duty 2020 would be a new Black Ops called Cold War. Unfortunately, no official confirmation followed the previous reveal and now a new Call of Duty 2020 leak is here showing off gameplay footage, though it was quickly taken down. That hasn’t stopped the internet, however, from digging right in to piece together some of the pieces seen before its removal.

Though the initial footage has been deleted, it was up long enough for a citation and discussion, a discussion that bred an interesting web of theories over on the Call of Duty subreddit. In the short video, the gameplay showed off a player skirting a tank yard on a map called “Tanks.” From the looks of it, the leaked footage appears to be very much pre-alpha captures due to its resolution and display features. That being said, some on Reddit have mentioned that there didn’t appear to be Dead Silence seen in the gameplay, though that isn’t necessarily an indicator given that the footage was a small portion of the game.  

CODBlack Ops Cold War 2020 Pre-Alpha Footage Leak from r/GamingLeaksAndRumours

We’re currently hunting for a mirror upload of the Call of Duty footage, but each re-release is met with a swift takedown. We will update this story if we can get our hands once more footage, but from what has been seen thus far it totals out to about 45 minutes of active gameplay. What we did find, however, was a small clip seen below: 

As mentioned in previous coverage, we already knew that Call of Duty was on the way for this year since it’s an annual release franchise and Activision has referenced it enough in recent earnings calls. That being said, Black Ops has been seen as the next entry from numerous sources and leaks and all of them point to the BO sect making a return to its historical roots. 

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With so many reveals planned for the month of June, including EA Play’s June 11th showcase, it’s likely we will get our official reveal here in the coming weeks, especially as leaks continue to ramp up. 


We’ll be learning more about what’s next for Call of Duty, and hopefully Black Ops Cold War, next month during EA’s planned digital showcases to supplement for new E3 this year due to COVID-19. What do you hope to see from the next Call of Duty reveal? Do you like the thought of a new Black Ops rooted in history? Sound off with your thoughts over on Twitter @PrimaGames!

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