A new Bully 2 leak has appeared, this time in the form of a brand new screenshot. The latest in the rumor mill comes by the way of an esteemed YouTuber and his find has definitely reflamed the hopes of fans that a Bully sequel is the next up from the team over at Rockstar. 

YouTuber TheNathanNS has carved out a niche for himself regarding the Bully franchise and the content creator claims that an alleged screenshot was sent to him showing off the Bully 2 pause menu. What adds a little validity to this is that it does seem to be true to the Bully colour scheme, though something like that could arguably be easily fakable. Still, his source claims that the below image is directly from the game in development showing off the Help, Character, Story, Map, Progress, Settings, Online, and Social Club settings. This also adds a little more ommfff to those previous rumors of an online Bully experience as well. 

As with all rumors, we reiterate what we always say when reporting on rumors: take them with a massive grain of salt. Though a screenshot looks promising, Rockstar themselves have yet to announce a sequel officially. Despite how likely one is, it's important to keep in mind what has been confirmed and what is purely speculation. 

There has definitely been a lot of talk regarding the upcoming sequel. Previous rumors suggested that the game wasn't cancelled and will instead feature a college-theme for our protagonist. A familiar protagonist but a new enough setting for unlimited potential. What do you think about the latest Bully 2 leak? Plausible, or just grasping at straws? Hit us up over on Twitter @PrimaGames with your thoughts!