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New Borderlands 2 Vault Hunter Rumored To Be Shown Next Week At PAX

by Prima Games Staff

PAX East is just a few days away from kicking off in Boston, and there are already big rumors about what could be unveiled at the event.

First up, Gearbox Software will be hosting a panel at the event, and while it’s likely to be shying away from questions over the controversial release of Aliens: Colonial Marines, it will be talking about a new addition to its coveted Borderlands franchise – a new Vault Hunter set to be joining the fray.

“Mayhem” is the reported name of the hulk-like character, and you can get a glimpse of it in the video below, with the full reveal set to take place during Gearbox’s panel on Sunday, March 23rd, at 12:30 PM.  Head on over to this link to see the tease…

Meanwhile, it appears that Volition, the team behind Saints Row, will also be in attendance at the event with a behind-closed-doors presentation of a new title.  While rumors are running wild about what it could be, it’s possible that the unveiling could be the next game in the Saints Row franchise, complete with the Enter the Dominatrix chapter that was announced last year.  Nothing is official yet, but we’ll bring you full details on what the publisher has in mind.

Look for a full report from PAX East following the event.

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