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Borderlands 2: Toothpick, What It Does And How To Get it

by John Cooper


Let’s talk about the Borderlands 2 Toothpick gun. This is one of the brand-new weapons added into Borderlands 2 via the Commander Lilith and the Fight for Sanctuary DLC. That’s right; this is the free DLC to Borderlands 2, a game which came out seven years ago.

The Toothpick Rainbow gun is one of the new effervescent rarity weapons, a new rarity added in this DLC. These are basically the best items in the game, so they’re all worth hunting down. Naturally, because of the sheer power of these weapons, they aren’t easy to come by, so be ready to grind. Either that or sacrifice a unicorn in the hopes that it’ll bring you good luck (Prima Games do not endorse sacrificing unicorns, just take a picture instead).

Borderlands 2 Toothpick, What It Does And How To Get It

Image credit: Joltzdude139.YouTube

The Toothpick shoots at a row of bullets that have a chance of setting an enemy on fire. It does this fairly quickly, which means it’s capable of doing an incredible amount of damage, but it also goes through ammo very quickly.

To actually get Toothpick, you need to get to the quest ‘The Hunt is Vaugh’ which is given to you by Vaughn during the DLC. If you haven’t got it yet, worry not, just progress a bit further until it turns up. Once in this mission, you need to take out the Sand Worm enemies, as they have a chance of dropping Toothpick.

It has a much better chance of dropping from the Sand Worm Queen variant, but these only appear in this mission. As a result, if you finish the mission, you make acquiring this weapon much harder for yourself. Therefore, it’s better to just exit the game without saving if the Sand Worm Queen doesn’t drop Toothpick. Just rinse and repeat until you have it.

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