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New Batman Game Teased by WB Games, Announcement Imminent

by Eric Garrett

What is possibly regarded as the worst-kept secret in all of gaming, the next Batman game is seemingly about to be revealed for all to see. With DC FanDome right around the corner, the studio has released a rather ominous teaser that points to a new announcement that is set to arrive tomorrow, and it definitely looks like it’s the Court of Owls.

The WB Games Montreal Twitter account sent out the teaser with a caption that links to another Twitter profile. The handle for said Twitter account is “r3dakt3d” and only has one tweet, the same one tweeted out by WB Games Montreal, at this time. However, the r3dakt3d account also contains a link to a website of the same name, which is even more ominous than the tweets.

There are a few things that are interesting about the r3dakt3d website. For starters, the background is constantly moving and glitching around, seemingly revealing nothing. However, there are words on the page that read “We have be3n expecting you.” In addition to this, it shows 8/18, most likely referring to August 18th, as well as a 24-hour countdown timer. This leads us to believe that an announcement about the next Batman game is imminent as the countdown timer will end at 8am PT/11am ET on Tuesday, August 18th. 

As for what the new Batman game will be about, it appears that the Court of Owls will be featured in one way or another. In the video above, we can catch a glimpse of three different emblems, one of which looks an awful lot like an owl. It’s been rumored for quite some time that the next caped crusader outing would feature the centuries-old organization, but thanks to these new teasers, that is looking more and more to be the case. Of course, we can speculate all we want, but we are just going to have to wait until WB Games Montreal reveals what they have been working on. 

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Whatever the case may be, we will know more on August 18th at 8am PT. Following that, a panel at DC FanDome, which is set for this Saturday, August 22nd, will feature a Q&A with WB Games Montreal, who will most likely be talking about what they are about to reveal. 

What do you think about all of this? Are you excited to see what the next Batman game is all about? Do you also dream of a game focused on the Court of Owls, but set back when the organization began, or is that just me? Sound off with your thoughts over on Twitter @PrimaGames!

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