Arcane Season 2
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Netflix and Riot Games Tease Arcane Season 2 and Release Date with New Poster

It's coming!

Netflix has officially unveiled the release date for Arcane Season 2 with its latest teaser poster, depicting two of the more popular characters within the series, Jinx and Vi. After years of waiting, Arcane Season 2 is approaching fast and releasing this year, and here’s everything we know about it.

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Riot Games’ latest upcoming animation series arrives in November 2024 and premieres exclusively on Netflix. This second season arrives after the first caught wide success when it was released three years ago in November 2021.

Both companies have been slowly teasing the new season for the past year, but the show’s latest teaser poster sets the race for the finish line as the series aims to launch in the next few months. The poster showcases two of the most important characters in Arcane—Jinx, known formerly as Powder, and Vi, known formerly as Violet.

Compared to the original poster from Season 1 where Violet was protecting Powder from danger and hugging her firmly, the new teaser takes on a darker, more evil tone. The latest poster depicts the now-grown Jinx and Vi hugging but with a more obsessive and cruel demeanor and feel. In the poster, Jinx looks tense, afraid, angry, dangerous, and lost, while Vi seems to be worried and concerned as if she’s realized something incredibly wrong or maybe something terrible is going to happen.

The poster significantly shapes the outcome and trajectory for Arcane Season 2 and showcases what fans can expect from the latest installment. With Arcane Season 1 ending on tears and realizations, Season 2 will definitely continue those tough challenges and emotional battles, and unveil more than anyone could anticipate. It seems fans have a lot to look forward to as Arcane Season 2 arrives in November 2024.

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