Today, Square Enix announced the long-awaited sequel to The World Ends With You. Neo: The World Ends With you will be coming to PS4 and Switch sometime in 2021. You can watch the trailer for the game below. 

Neo: The World Ends With You Announced for PS4 and Nintendo Switch, Coming in 2021

Here is the official description on Youtube

“NEO: The World Ends with You is coming Summer 2021 to PlayStation 4 and Nintendo Switch!

Explore a stylized recreation of Shibuya, as you take on the role of Rindo to battle for survival and unravel the mysteries of the deadly “Reaper’s Game” in this new Action RPG for PlayStation 4 and Nintendo Switch.”

Most noticeably the sequel is in full 3D, which is a departure from the 2D style of the original DS game. On top of that, there is a new cast of characters introduced in the trailer like Fret, Rindo, Nagi, Minamoto, and more.

 The game will release at some time in 2021 and will release in both Japan and the west. 

Plenty of The World Ends With You fans are thriving today, and we’re happy to see this game finally get a sequel.

If you haven’t played the original, you can pick it up on the Nintendo Switch and hop right into Shibuya. 

This isn’t the only new The World Ends With You content coming in 2021 thought, just a few months ago, a World Ends With You anime was announced, which will also air next year. 

It’s become an embarrassment of riches for this series, and hopefully, it continues to be so for years to come. 

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