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Neo Geo X Getting a Standalone System For $130

by Prima Games Staff

When SNK Playmore announced the Neo-Geo X handheld system earlier this year, some folks balked at the $200 price tag. Those people didn’t seem to realize that it comes with a console-designed docking station and a pretty cool number of games, but for those who think the price is a bit steep there’s an alternative available.


SNK has announced that it will be selling the Neo-Geo X as a standalone device without the docking station or controller for $130 when it releases later this year. The handheld does comes with 20 built-in games, including classics like Samurai Shodown, Metal Slug and Fatal Fury. At the very least, you’ll keep busy with what’s offered.


Despite the price lowering, the $200 bundle seems like the way to go, mainly because the dock looks just like a Neo-Geo console, complete with the VCR tape-like loading tray up top. Using a controller may also be a bit more friendly than the pudgy analog stick that comes on the system.


Pre-order the system at the link below, and get ready for classic fun later this year!



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