After months of anticipation, Naughty Dog finally lifted the veil off its downloadable content plans for The Last of Us, indicating that the first of three packs will debut next month.

The first pack, dubbed the Abandoned Territories Map Pack, will arrive October 15th. It will include four multiplayer maps, including Suburbs, Bus Depot, Hometown and Bookstore. Each one features new terrain where you can battle alongside your cohorts in a true fight for survival.

Additional multiplayer content will also be available. Sixty pieces of customization items will be released over the next few weeks, free-of-charge to those who subscribe to the Last of Us Season Pass, which currently sells for $19.99.

As for the other two packs, Naughty Dog hasn't released full details yet, but one is expected to be an expansion of the single-player story. It should release sometime in December or January, with the final piece of DLC set to arrive in 2014.

One other treat – Naughty Dog released a humorous "alternate ending" video for The Last of Us, one where the motion capture actors – including Troy Baker – turn everything into a full-fledged opera. You can watch it below, but prepare for some awesome singing.

The Last of Us is available now for PlayStation 3.