Ms. Germinator Coming Soon for PS3, PS Vita

You won’t catch cold from this clever puzzle game.

Video game females can definitely hold their own, like Ms. Pac-Man or Ms. Splosion Man. Now comes Creat Studios’ puzzle game sequel, Ms. Germinator.

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Along with introducing a female protagonist, Ms. Germinator also has more puzzles to solve. You’ll once again attempt to chain germs using a shooting system similar to the Taito Bust-a-Move series. The more concentrated your shots, the better chance you have of clearing the screen of germs. Screw up, though, and they’ll fill the stage quickly.

The game, a sequel to the Germinator title released back in March, will arrive later this year for both PS Vita and PlayStation 3. Although there’s no word on pricing, it’s likely to cost $9.99 like the original, and it will support Cross-Buy. That means you get two versions for the price of one.

You can watch the debut trailer for the game, but it’s not a pretty sight. Germs are everywhere. 

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