Moss Book II is in Development

To be fair mice do live longer in captivity

Kicking off the July 8, 2021 State of Play, a sequel to one of the PSVR’s signature titles was revealed. Moss Book II, the follow-up to Polyarc’s award-winning fantasy VR adventure, is in development. However, neither platforms nor release windows were disclosed.

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The trailer’s description on YouTube does include some hints at Moss Book II’s story. Picking up right after the first game, protagonist Quill is now on the run after the previous adventure’s rescue put her in the sights of the Arcane. It seems like, while getting into the castle setting was the framing device for Moss, this time Moss Book II is about getting out.

Obviously, we’ll be seeing Moss Book II on PlayStation platforms, but which one? Will this be a PlayStation 4 title fit for the current PSVR, or is this another hint at what’s to come? Who can say? Just a few months ago, a PlayStation Blog post was showing off some new technology, confirming a new PSVR platform is in the works. Considering that this is merely a “now in development” announcement, anything can happen.

All that said, while Moss was and is still a very iconic PSVR game, it isn’t a PlayStation exclusive by any stretch of the imagination. The first game did have a timed exclusivity however, dropping on PlayStation 4 a few months ahead of the PC version. So considering we’re getting our first look at Moss Book II on a State of Play, it’s probably safe to expect a similar partnership. But that’s all conjecture, and padding to be frank since I’ve run out of information quite a while ago.

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