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Mortal Shell’s First Content Update is Available for Free Right Now

by Morgan Shaver

After Mortal Shell released back in August, it became incredibly popular among fans of Souls-like games. Whether you’ve beaten the game, just bought the game, or are thinking about giving the game a try, we have some good news. 

Not only will you be able to enjoy a ton of spooky new content in Mortal Shell, the Rotten Autumn update is available to all players for free right now. No seriously, you can devour all of these new Mortal Shell treats immediately, no need to wait for Halloween.

Mortal Shell’s First Content Update is Available for Free Right Now

In an exciting announcement, developer Cold Symmetry unveiled the very first content update for Mortal Shell. The Rotten Autumn update is free for all Mortal Shell owners and is available right now, all you need to do is jump into the game and you’ll be able to enjoy all of the newly added activities. 

Some of these activities include a new mini-quest with some flashy rewards and a powerful new photo editor. 

“Mortal Shell today receives its first content update, offering a new mini-quest, ten new skins, an alternative soundtrack, and a powerful new photo editor – all for free.”

Addressing the mini-quest first, the announcement notes that players should visit Gorf after downloading the update. Through Gorf, players will be able to start the new mini-quest. By completing the mini-quest and appeasing Gorf, you’ll be able to earn up to ten new Shell shades. 

Looking to show off these Shell shades? Give the new photo editor a try by accessing it from the pause menu! With the new photo editor, you can create and edit Mortal Shell screenshots to your heart’s content. You can also participate in the Photo Mode Competition for a chance to win a limited print art book signed by the developers.

The Rotten Autumn update also boasts an alternative boss OST from black metal band Rotting Christ, so not only can you look like a badass in your new Shell shades, you can feel like a badass while listening to the new boss OST.

Note that the alternative OST is something you download separately.

If you’ve yet to purchase a copy of Mortal Shell and are considering it, or are someone trying to convince a friend to purchase the game, you can buy the game at a 20% discount on the Epic Games Store and the PlayStation Store (15% if you don’t have PS Plus) for a limited time. 

Xbox owners will also be able to access this 20% off discount starting on October 27. Mortal Shell’s base price is $29.99 but with the 20% off discount it can be yours for $23.99.

For more on the Rotten Autumn update for Mortal Shell, be sure to check out the awesome new trailer for the game below.