Monster Hunter World: Iceborne Update Adds New Features, New Gear, and More

If you're getting in on the Monster Hunter World: Iceborne action, a new update has arrived.
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A new update has arrived for Monster Hunter World: Iceborne and brings with it some new moves, features, gear, and so much more. Stability changes have also been added in addition to various tweaks and fixes implemented throughout the open-world monster-heavy adventure. 

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For starters, the Guardian Armor is now available for all — for free — that comes bearing some pretty impressive stats. The team also added the Hunter Helper to award high ranking players with Gold and Silver Wyverian Prints for helping out lower level players. 

There’s a lot to love so without further adieu, here’s what’s new in the latest Monster Hunter World: Iceborne update: 

New Actions

  • Clutch Claw added.
  • New moves and combos, etc. added to all weapons
  • All weapons can now fire the Slinger with the weapon unsheathed.
  • New training area features added.
  • Increased Palico level and gadget proficiency.
  • Tailraiders can now be mounted after establishing good relations with the Lynian tribes. Tailraider monsters will automatically move to areas when directed.

New System Features

  • View Mode for taking screenshots has been added. View Mode can be accessed from the start menu under System.
  • New character parts added.
  • Character creation now features numerical values for your character’s customization.
  • Your room in Seliana can now be redecorated.
  • The Radial Menu can now be used while in base for things such as gestures, poses, and stickers.
  • HUD display options added.
  • New emblem designs for the squad emblem, as well as the ability to re-edit emblems has been added.
  • Sub-leaders can now be assigned to a squad.
  • Squad Card added – A Squad Card is similar to a Guild Card in that only the Squad leader and sub-leader can give it to other players. Players who accept a Squad Card can use it to send a request to join the squad.
  • Palico Edit Vouchers can now be purchased from the store, allowing you to change the appearance of your Palico.

Major Changes

  • Temporal Mantle effects have been changed and adjusted.
  • Some skill effects have been fixed.
  • Some weapon effects have been fixed.
  • The decoration name below has been changed: “Smoke Jewel” > “Survival Jewel”
  • The skill names below have been changed:
    – “Sporepuff Expert” > “Survival Expert”
    – “Aquatic Expert” > “Aquatic/Polar Mobility”
  • Two player difficulty has been added to multiplayer. When going on a quest with two players, the difficulty will be adjusted to this setting.
  • Extra slots for item loadouts
  • Extra slots for the equipment box and equipment loadouts
  • Extra slots for your wishlist
  • The Research Base now has a Smithy proxy and Resource Center.
  • Layered armor can now be created at the Smithy.
  • Some rules for the display colors of character names have been changed.
  • Endemic life now appears in a variety of sizes.

For the full list of changes, you can check out the official website right here to see what else is new — and different — in Monster Hunter World: Iceborne. 

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