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Monster Hunter: World to Host a Devil May Cry Crossover Event

by Larryn Bell

Crossover events have become a regular part of Monster Hunter: World’s content lineup lately. The most recent crossover event celebrated the one-year anniversary of Horizon: Zero Dawn on PlayStation 4, adding an exclusive Aloy armor set to Monster Hunter: World. Today, Capcom announced that they’ve teamed up with the popular Capcom franchise Devil May Cry for a new collaboration event later this year.

In the upcoming Devil May Cry collaboration event for Monster Hunter: World, players will be able to unlock DMC protagonist Dante’s weapon, as well as his classic demon-hunting outfit. For a preview of Dante’s weapon and costume in Monster Hunter: World, check out the video below.

In Monster Hunter: World, Dante’s weapon will fall into the Charge Blade category. However, instead of having a sword that turns into an axe as usual, Dante’s weapon will be a Force Edge that transforms into the massive Alastor sword. It won’t have a shield, but you will still be able to guard with it.

Dante’s stylish costume and weapon will be available as a reward during the crossover event in Monster Hunter: World. This exclusive DMC content will be available to all Monster Hunter: World players who complete the corresponding DMC Event Quest when the time comes. Capcom hasn’t announced a release date for the crossover event, but we’ll be sure to update you here as details emerge.

Monster Hunter: World’s collaboration with the Devil May Cry series coincides with the release of the Devil May Cry HD Collection, which launched today for PlayStation 4, Xbox One, and Windows PC for $29.99. 

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