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Minecraft Cross-Play Now Available for Switch, Xbox One, PC, and Mobile

by Larryn Bell

Nintendo and Microsoft have joined forces to finally bring cross-platform play to the Nintendo Switch version of Minecraft. Today’s huge update brings the Bedrock Engine to Minecraft on Switch, which has enabled cross-play between the portable console and nearly every major gaming platform, except for PlayStation 4. 

Minecraft players on Switch can now cross-play with other users who play Minecraft on Xbox One, PC, and even mobile devices. However, since Sony has opted out of supporting cross-platform play, PS4 users won’t be able to join their friends on Minecraft if they are on another console.

This shouldn’t come as much of a surprise, however. Minecraft now joins Rocket League and Fortnite as games that have had their cross-play functionality blocked by Sony. The topic reached new heights last week after Fortnite launched for Nintendo Switch during E3 2018. Players discovered that they could not use their Epic Games account to play Fortnite on Switch if they had previously used their account on PS4, which prompted outrage amongst the Fortnite community.

In contrast, Nintendo and Microsoft have partnered up to highlight Minecraft’s cross-play capabilities in a new trailer, which you can view above. The trailer encourages Minecraft players on different consoles to create, explore, and survive together on their platform of choice. Although the trailer focuses primarily on cross-play between Xbox One and Switch, Minecraft players on PC and mobile can join the fun as well.

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