Last week's Electronic Entertainment Expo brought surprising revelations, but perhaps the most shocking of all was Sony's PlayStation 4 presentation, where it not only revealed less limitations than Microsoft's Xbox One, but also a cheap price -- $100 less.

Microsoft, however, changed its tune.  Yesterday, in an effort to make Xbox One more accessible, the company announced it was changing a couple of its policies on the system. 

As reported by Patrick Klepek at Giantbomb, Microsoft dropped the required 24-hour online check-ins for the system to keep it running. That means you'll be able to play games offline, though an Internet connection will still be required for downloading through Xbox Live Arcade as well as online multiplayer sessions.

In addition, the company changed its used game policy, which now mirrors the Xbox 360's.  That means players who buy their games will be able to trade them in or loan them to friends without the need of a secondary activation, or the transferring of a license. 

The official list can be found on Microsoft's official Xbox Wire page.  

Xbox One will release this holiday season for $499.