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Metro: Last Light Walkthrough – Chapters 21 -30

by Prima Games Staff

It’s time for the final 10 chapters, if you need help with any of the earlier chapters please check out my Chapter 1 – 10 walkthrough and Chapter 11 – 20 walkthrough.

Check out my Top 10 Tips for Metro: Last Light as a companion to this walkthrough. Many of the commonly repeated gameplay elements are covered there. This game can be tackled overall in two ways: stealth or guns blazing. The choice is up to you; the story will not change, but there are trophies/achievements for going through the game without killing any human enemies that you are not forced to kill. As such, almost every encounter can be done without killing human enemies; you can either sneak past them if possible or knock them out from behind. For this walkthrough, I will focus on the more action-packed, guns blazing route with a touch of stealth thrown in. Take back the metro as you see fit.

I will be listing where every note of the game is located; they will be in italics so they can be easily seen. I also have some of the optional trophies/achievements that I obtained in bold so they can be easily seen as well. If you have any questions or constructive comments about this walkthrough, please do not hesitate to comment below or send them to me via twitter @Saix_XIII

Chapter 21: Khan

Follow Khan until you get to the fans and wait for Khan to turn them off so you can pass through safely; repeat this until you are through all the fans. When you go through the door just past the fans ignore where Khan went; instead, head into the door straight in front of you and then head to the back of this room. You’ll find a note by a dead body there.

Now resume following Khan. When the watchmen arrive, fight them off with Khan. If you want to conserve ammo, let Khan kill them, just keep your distance from the watchmen as best you can and kill any that pose an immediate threat. Pay attention to the directions Khan gives you, gathering up loot as you go. Things are starting to get interesting now, if you ask me.

Chapter 22: The Chase

This part was one of the more frustrating parts of the game for me. You are tasked with defending the railcar you and Khan are traveling in. The issue is that there are a large number of shot-blocking obstructions between you and the enemies trying to kill you. Do not be afraid to use medkits to survive this part.
Time for a good ol’ fashioned, post-apocalyptic train heist. Keep pushing forward, taking out enemies along the way, using whatever you can for cover to let your health regenerate or to use medkits and reload. When you reach the first enclosed train car, you’ll find a note on a blue container on your right.

Chapter 23: The Crossing

After the intro to this chapter is done, head down the stairs near a dead body. Simply follow the path, killing watchmen as you go. Eventually you’ll walk down some stairs. When you reach the bottom, there will be a pay phone on your right. Look for a break in the fence that is in front of you. Drop down here to reach the ice below.

After you get off the ice path, and just before heading up the stairs, turn around. Head to this area and you’ll find some supplies and a note, but be aware of watchmen. Head back to the stairs and continue into the building. Once you are back on the ice, head toward the rusted ship you see in the distance. Once there, head to the bow of the ship to find a note near a dead body. When you reach a ladder, climb it to move on to the next chapter.

Chapter 24: Bridge

Keep pushing your way across the bridge, putting enemies out of their misery if they are unlucky enough to get in your way. When you get to the part of the bridge that has a ceiling, be ready for a large watchmen fight. After the fight, you will get to an area where the rain stops, so keep your eyes and ears open. This means you’re pretty much indoors. To your left will be a small room; head in and get the note and supplies.

Now head up the broken escalator (or stairs, as I like to call them). At the end of this section, head into the room on the left and then up the ladder. Be ready for a fight when you get up there. Use the “zip-line”, but don’t concern yourself with all the enemies you’ll see, they won’t attack. When you can walk around, head to the green tinted hole in the wall.

Chapter 25: Depot

There are some side-areas you can explore for loot if you want, but nothing of major importance. Follow your compass to the back right of the train yard and enter the doorway. After you encounter some friendly NPCs, follow them down the hallway and enter the train at the end to do some shopping. Buy whatever you want because you won’t be able to use this shop again after the next section.

When done, head up the stairs just past the shops. A very large group of human enemies are lying in wait up ahead; the game will notify you of them. Take your time, and use stealth as much as you can and all the weapons at your disposal to deal with them. I found a sniper rifle very useful, but it will alert every enemy to your location. Make sure you loot all the enemies because they will all have an air filter you can acquire. Once done, head through the door at the back of the area.

After you are given an air filter, head through the door that was just unlocked for you, but be ready for some enemies in this room. Once you have dealt with the enemies, go back to the start of this room and enter a room that is on the left side. In the bathroom, in the back left corner from where you entered, is a small corridor you can go through. Follow this path for a note. Head back to the main room and proceed down the stairs.

More enemies ahead, so be ready for another fight. Keep progressing through this area and into the next for….surprise, more enemies who want you dead. Like always, play it safe. Use cover and take your time. This isn’t a race, survival is the name of the game. When they are dealt with, follow the compass and head up the stairs.

Chapter 26: The Dead City

If you are in need of supplies, enter the building on your right, otherwise head to the building on your left. At the top of the first set of stairs is a doorway on your right that leads to a hallway. At the end of that hallway, open the door. Inside you will find a table with a bright red tablecloth. A note will be in this room on a desk with a phone. Go into the next room and then out the window to continue on.

Head underground and follow the compass to the right hand side for the way out. The back of this area has some loot, but look out for a trap. Continue under the arched passage and then you’ll encounter a watchman. Proceed to the door in the back of this area to move on. Head up the stairs and into the room on the left and out the window. There is a ladder at the back of the area, climb up it. You’ll have your first real optional demon encounter on this rooftop. Killing it does not get you an achievement/trophy, but it can be fun to try and take it down. Either way, when it is flying around, head to its nest to find a note and loot among the hatchlings, but be quick, mom doesn’t like intruders. Head down the stairwell on the roof and keep going downstairs and then underground to finish up the chapter.

Chapter 27: Red Square

Explore the left side of this corridor; there is a note to be found. Stay away from the large building you see to avoid fighting a group of watchmen. There are supplies inside the building but, if you ask me, it’s not worth the hassle. Now head to the lower area by the buses. The next part can be tricky, so listen to the instructions your partner gives you to make it through easily.

After the storm, you will need to drop to a lower level. There are some watchmen to your right and supplies as well. If you are running low, go for it; if not, simply move on. After making it through the pathway full of arms, head up the stairs on your left. Once you get to an area with a lot of broken archways and columns, look to your left. You will see a small, easy-to-miss opening that you need to crouch to enter. Follow the long corridor to the end. When there, go into the room on your right for a note and supplies. Head back to the area with the broken columns and archways and continue on.

Prepare yourself for the biggest gunfight you’ve had so far. Play it safe, no need to go guns blazing. Use cover; I found a sniper rifle and shotgun to be extremely useful. Keep your wits about you and be careful of enemies sneaking up behind you. It’s now time to give Pavel what’s coming to him.

Chapter 28: The Garden

Just like the earlier outdoor chapters, follow the red flags and green lichen to avoid drowning. You will eventually need to crawl, just keep…. did you see that?!?! What the hell was that beast?! When you stand upright and start to walk, look to your left. You’ll see a body with some loot and a note.

Time for a boss fight. Just keep her at a distance and wait for the watchmen to take her down. Quickly get behind her and keep firing your most powerful weapons into her back. Repeat this process, killing any watchmen that attack you, until the boss runs away. Follow suit and kill the watchmen before they kill the boss for an achievement/trophy.

Follow the red flags and lichen again. Head up the stairs and, at the very top of the stairs to your left, is a note. Proceed into the building ahead, only two chapters left!

Chapter 29: Polis

After you exit the decontamination chamber, there is a note on the couch in front of you. Follow the straightforward path until you end up in a red corridor. Keep opening doors to find out the truth.

Chapter 30: D6

The final chapter… your last stand… hold nothing back… it was all leading up to this moment!
A note is to your right at the gun shop. The weapon and customization shop is free here, so do not hesitate to get the best gear you can. There are a few ammo caches around this area. They will give you max inventory of all items (ammo, medkits, throwing knives, grenades) and can be used over and over, so there is no need to conserve ammo.

Keep fighting until the tank arrives. Like I just mentioned, don’t worry about ammo; the ammo caches are still around. Aim for the red bar on the tank’s wheels to prevent it from moving. Then shoot the wheels themselves, and finally the top portion of the tank. You’ll know you’re hitting the right parts when you get a small, red flash on your reticle.

After the tank is taken care of, jump over the barrier and, on the right, will be another ammo cache with the final note on it. Pick up the nearby LMG and go medieval on the enemies. When it runs out of ammo, switch to your prefered weapon and let ‘em have it! When shield-wielding enemies start approaching, throw grenades at them non-stop. When you run out of grenades, simply go to the ammo cache behind you to get more.

And, with that, the Metro is safe…for now….thanks to you and Artyom.



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