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Metro: Last Light Walkthrough – Chapters 11-20

by Prima Games Staff

Check out my Top 10 Tips for Metro: Last Light as a companion to this walkthrough. Many of the commonly repeated gameplay elements are covered there. This game can be tackled overall in two ways: stealth or guns blazing. The choice is up to you; the story will not change, but there are trophies/achievements for going through the game without killing any human enemies that you are not forced to kill. As such, almost every encounter can be done without killing human enemies; you can either sneak past them if possible or knock them out from behind. For this walkthrough, I will focus on the more action-packed, guns blazing route with a touch of stealth thrown in. Take back the metro as you see fit.

I will be listing where every note of the game is located; they will be in italics so they can be easily seen. I also have some of the optional trophies/achievements that I obtained in bold so they can be easily seen as well. If you have any questions or constructive comments about this walkthrough, please do not hesitate to comment below or send them to me via twitter @Saix_XIII

Now that you’ve completed Chapters 1 – 10, let’s get you through the next ten chapters . . .

Chapter 11: Revolution

After you head downstairs and deal with the first few enemies, eventually you’ll be in a room with lockers, and you will find a note on the desk. After the firefight in the train depot, you have two paths you can take: one that is out of the way but stealthy and another that is more direct. I recommend the stealth approach, as usual. On the right side of the train depot there will be a vent you can crawl through. Once through, take care of the enemies you encounter, then go through the door on your left of the tunnel. In the next area, there will be a few more enemies. When they are no longer a threat, look for some throwing knives stuck into a target; just past that you will find a note near a phone.

Head back to the train depot and toward the green-lit door on the right/north side. In this room, after dealing with the enemies, you will find two ladders. They both lead to the same area. Once you climb the ladder, head to the central area. You will find a note as well as a switch to turn off the giant fan.

Head through the now-stopped fan and down the ladder into the next room. There you will find a note right next to the ladder. The next area is one of the more dangerous encounters you will have faced thus far. There will be a decent number of enemies, as well as a mounted machine gun, so be careful. Make your way to the large doors, dealing with any hostiles you encounter.

Chapter 12: Regina

After getting in the rail car and driving off, keep your eyes on the left-hand side of the track. You’ll eventually see an area where you can get out and explore for some MGA and other supplies. Head back to the rail car and continue on. You will soon see a door on your left you can enter. This area is filled with spider eggs and it is easy to get turned around. Follow the fork to your left after you enter. Take out all the spiders so you can focus on exploring without getting attacked. You will reach a body you can loot. Keep going down this path and look to the right. You’ll see a red tinted hallway. Head down this hallway for some loot and activate the panel on the wall. Go back to the main hallway and continue in the direction you were headed to find another body to loot. Eventually you will make it back to the entrance and you can get back in your rail car.

Keep heading down the track. On your left you’ll see some green lichen illuminating a doorway. Head in there and, on your right, you will see a panel; flip the switches. Continue down the hallway to find a room with loot. Head back to the rail car as usual, but be ready for a short QTE (quick-time event) when you get near the rail car. Eventually you will reach a dead end and a door on your right. Time to get out and walk yet again.

This area is rather straight forward; just keep an eye out for spiders and loot. When you get to what looks like a dead end, look to your left for a narrow passage. At the end, flip the switch like before. Head back to the rail car and toward the closed gate. To the left is a switch to open the gate that is now powered. As soon as you open the gate, put on your gas mask, but do not get back in the rail car just yet. Walk forward and look to your left for a track switch and flip it. Now get back in the rail car and ram the wood barricade. Explore this area for loot and  bring the rail car back to the track switch, flip the switch again, and continue on your way. When you see some watchmen flee and the track splits again, get out and walk to the abandoned train on the left path. In the train you will find some loot. Back to the rail car yet again.

Eventually you will see a watchman run into a doorway. Follow it for some loot. Explore the area, but keep an eye on the right side wall. There will be a dead watchman in a small hole; go through it. Inside I found a six-round shotgun, but you may find something else; it’s worth checking out. Once done, head back to the rail car and continue down the tracks until you bump into a train on the tracks. Proceed to push the train forward with your rail car.

Be ready for a watchmen ambush. If you have a shotgun, use it to take them out with ease. Keep going until you see a doorway to your left; if you wish, get out and explore for a weapon. Back to the rail car, and onward and upward. Once you see a green-lit doorway on the right, explore it for a note. Keep heading down the tracks until the train you are pushing disconnects. Backtrack, switch the tracks, and ram the barricade.

Chapter 13: Bandits

Thankfully the rail car still works, use it until you get to a cutscene. After the cutscene, get out and have a look around. If you want to, use the shops to stock up on supplies or new weapons. Continue down the rail, and head through the door on the right for some enemies and loot. Keep heading down the path to encounter a few more enemies and rescue the captive to gain his assistance. Get back to the rail car and continue down the tracks. Eventually you will hear some talking; slow down and go on foot to draw less attention.

Head into the first doorway on right to find a note next to a toilet. In the next area there will be quite a few enemies. Head to the far-right path and pull the lever at the end. Head back to the rail car and keep on truckin’. Once again you’ll hear voices; use this as a cue to go on foot to avoid alerting the hostiles to your presence. When the rail splits, head to your right and into the door on the right. Continue forward, dealing with the enemies, until you are past what I can only describe as a kitchen. You will hear a woman’s voice and see a dead man sitting in a chair. Behind the body on a table is a note.

Go back to the rail car and continue forward, making sure the track is set to the path on the right. Eventually the rail car will break down and you will be forced to continue on foot. Keep following the arrow on your compass until you call the ferry. Once you do, be ready for a giant watchmen ambush. As soon as the ferry arrives, get on it ASAP!

Chapter 14: Dark Water

As soon as you get control of Artyom, gather supplies and check the front of the boat for a note.  Simply defend the boat from the “shrimp.” If you have a shotgun, use it.

Chapter 15: Venice

Follow the main path until you get to the first shop stalls on your right, where you cannot purchase anything. Head to the walkway on the left, then take the next left. If you want, follow that path and donate a single MGA to hear a somber song played on a guitar. Go back to the main path near the unusable store fronts and head down the next path on the left. Take the second right and head up the stairs for a note near a desk. Go back to the main path and up some stairs. You’ll come to a wood bridge and then to a bar. To progress the story, we need to head to the red curtain area, but let’s ignore it for now.

Go left from the red curtain to reach the shops. As usual, buy anything that might interest you. Just past the ammo shop, take the path on your right where you’ll find a timed-target practice mini-game. You can double your money each time you play, but the wagers and targets increase every time. I suggest a gun with a large clip and a scope to make it easier. Here is what you can win:
●    10 MGA = 20 MGA
●    20 MGA = 40 MGA
●    40 MGA = 80 MGA and a teddy bear

If you get the teddy bear, you can get an achievement/trophy. To do so, turn around when you are at the mini-game. Look for some orange barrels, head to that area to find a child crying, and give him the teddy bear.

It is now time to continue the story, so head to the red curtain area. Head downstairs for a cutscene; you will find a note on top of a terrarium. If you want, after the next cutscene, keep interacting with an item on the table for an entertaining scene. Head back upstairs in the red curtain area and into the main Venice area. Head past the ammo and gun shop to the end of the path. Take the stairs on your right and head through the door.

Proceed through the next area taking out enemies as you see fit and head into the door at the back left. Follow the NPC to the end of the chapter.

Chapter 16: Sundown

As usual, when outside, make sure to use your gas mask and keep an eye out for air filters. Stay away from the water and try to be as quiet as possible when exploring this area; the enemies are rather tough. The area is also somewhat large, so feel free to explore for some loot or, if you want to make a beeline to the exit, head to the main area in front of you with a lookout tower and a few abandoned houses/shacks.

The red flags indicate the safe path. If you stray from that path, you will fall into the water and possibly drown. Follow the red flags to a gas tank and interact with it. Keep following the red flags and head into the destroyed building up ahead. Be careful of the “vines” hanging from the ceiling; they can easily be missed and they pack a wallop. You can shoot them to make them retract if you want. In the building to your right is another gas can. Open a nearby container for some loot. If you are facing the gas can, there is a note on a desk behind you. Continue on and cross the log, follow the red flags, and head toward the crashed plane. Check the gas cans there as well.

Head onto the wing of the plane and then onto a log to get across the water. In this area you will find a switch to press that will bring a raft to you that you will need to board. The noise of the generator starting will cause enemies to come after you. You will need to restart the generator one more time. Once you do that, a giant enemy will come for you. You can’t kill it, so just hold it off until the raft arrives and get on it quickly.

Chapter 17: Nightfall

Collect the supplies in front of you and head toward the large house. Be careful to avoid nuclear fallout (listen for clicks) and watch out for traps. Head up the makeshift ramp and grab the night-vision goggles from the desk. Turn around and head to the broken wall that you used as a ramp to get up to this area, but do not go down it. Instead look to your right, you’ll see another small area you can get to. You’ll find supplies as well as notes here, but be careful of the trap.

Bring up your compass to get an idea of where to head now. It is easy to get lost here, so follow the green lichen on the ground. They can help you find your way. Keep your eyes open for a watchmen attack. The giant enemy from the last chapter will attack again. Simply fight it off until it retreats, just like last time. Keep following the red flags and the green lichen. When you reach the next building, head upstairs. Once there, turn around and head to the back windows. Keep a lookout for traps along the way. Head out the window and onto the catwalk. Make your way to the church and prepare for a fight.

Chapter 18: Undercity

You will gain access to some shops once again. Purchase what you need before heading toward the door. Head downstairs; sadly, your night-vision and flashlight will not work in this section, so revert to your lighter. Along the way, light the torches on the walls by simply getting near them with your lighter to help illuminate your path. Head down into the pit. You will come to a path that splits. Take either path, they both lead to the same destination. Be ready for a watchmen ambush that will occur when you cross the bridge that’s over the flowing water.

After the ambush, head to the door. Once you take your cart ride, head off the ledge nearby to reach a lower area. You will encounter a new enemy: large bats. Overall, they aren’t that dangerous, but they can be annoying. After the fight, head up a dilapidated wood ramp, take out the watchmen, and make your way toward the elevator. When you call for the elevator, more watchmen will attack you, so be ready. Hold them off until the elevator arrives.

After the bridge collapses and you enter a boss fight with Rhino, don’t waste any ammo. Just put pillars between you and it. When all the pillars are gone, it runs off. During the next fight, kill the normal watchmen and repeat the steps from the previous fight with the Rhino. If the beast is still standing, shoot it until it dies.

Chapter 19: Contagion

Enter the door on right. Once you are past the vents, kill the two enemies and enter the tunnel. When you get to the train platform, there are multiple small side-paths, but they all lead to the same rooms. Therefore, take whatever path strikes your fancy. Before you open the next door, put on the gas mask. If you want to go for stealth, head through the opening in the floor and take out the two enemies at the other end. After all the enemies in the area are dealt with, look for stairs or a ladder that lead to the upper area.

On the upper level, you will find a note on the desk at the rear of the train car.  At the end of the catwalk, drop down so you are now on the other side of the locked gate. Head into the fiery hallway, being careful to avoid the fire. Get to the upper level and take out the few enemies you encounter. When you reach the bridge that is on fire, take out the enemies below and then drop down to continue. Enter the fiery hole in the wall. Don’t worry, you’ll be fine.

Once the enemies are dealt with, proceed through the red door. You have a few choices during the cutscene: shoot, wait, or remove your gas mask. They all result in the same outcome, but removing your mask gets you an achievement/trophy.

Chapter 20: Quarantine

This is a pretty straightforward area. Just follow the path in front of you. After you leave the sterilization chamber, look to your right. In the corner of the room will be a note on the table next to a microscope. Keep following the straightforward path until you meet up with Khan. When Khan enters the red-lit door, don’t follow him right away. Instead head to the right for a note on a desk. Then enter the door that Khan did to continue. You’ll get to do some shopping again (same routine as before, buy what you need, ignore what you don’t).



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