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Merged Zamasu Confirmed for Dragon Ball FighterZ

by Bryan Dawson

It’s now become tradition for Dragon Ball FighterZ announcements to be made via the monthly V-Jump magazine in Japan. This month the magazine revealed that Merged Zamasu will be the next DLC character coming to Dragon Ball FighterZ. In this article we’ll talk about Merged Zamasu in Dragon Ball FighterZ, including when to expect to play as the new character and what details are currently known about how Merged Zamasu will play.

Merged Zamasu Dragon Ball FighterZ DLC

Goku Black is already in Dragon Ball FighterZ, with a special move that summons normal Zamasu to help him. For those unfamiliar with Dragon Ball Super, Merged Zamasu is the outcome of normal Zamasu and Goku Black (who is Zamasu from another universe) merging together with the help of Potara earrings (similar to how Goku and Vegeta merge to form Vegito).

Merged Zamasu has several confirmed attacks, including Blades of Judgment, Holy Wrath and Lightning of Absolution (all seen in the Dragon Ball Super anime). In addition, Merged Zamasu has the ability to fly, with an 8-way air dash during his flight. We don’t yet have details on how this works within the confines of the Dragon Ball FighteZ game engine (in which no other characters have a flight ability), but at the very least it adds a unique character mechanic to the game, which is always a welcome addition.

Official Character Stats

Power Speed Reach Technique Energy Ease of Use

While Super Saiyan Blue Vegito is expected to be revealed in next month’s V-Jump, with both DLC characters releasing in late May, we’ll have to wait about a month from now to get confirmation of that. In the meantime you can find more information in our Dragon Ball FighterZ game hub!

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