You gotta love the classics that come out of left field and just wow you all over again and one game we can definitely give a thumbs up to is an early release from the team at BioWare, a follow-up to Shiny Entertainment’s hit action/adventure game MDK. If you haven’t had a chance to check it out yet now you can, as the game has finally come out for Steam.


Originally released exclusively for the Beamdog service and put together by the folks at Overhaul Games (with consent from BioWare, obviously) MDK 2 HD puts you back in the shoes of a high-tech sniper, along with a clumsy scientist and a multi-armed dog with lots of pistols as you fight trouble throughout the universe.


The graphic polish-over is beyond incredible, as you can see from the differences in the photo above. The gameplay hasn’t lost a step either, as there’s plenty of shooting and puzzle solving to go around, typical of BioWare design. And of course, the little touches of humor make all the difference.


Download MDK 2 HD for the low price of $14.99 now. We assure you it’s worth it, especially if you love four-armed dogs. (No, the legs don’t count…)