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Mass Effect Trilogy Remaster Reportedly to Launch Later This Year

by Liana Ruppert

‘Will they, won’t they’ has always been a topic of conversation regarding the long-rumored arrival of a Mass Effect trilogy remaster. The rumor mill is once more churning, this time alleging that a remaster will be making its way to players later this year. 

The Mass Effect trilogy was iconic in a way that made players feel like they knew these characters, cared for these characters and felt invested in the fight against the Reapers. Fans saw themselves in their Shepard and fell in love with the various romance options available in-game, and walked away feeling like they’ve made a new family with the friends met along the way. Sounds cheesy, but BioWare truly had something special with this franchise. 

When Mass Effect Andromeda was revealed to step away from Shepard’s story to follow a new cast into Andromeda, fans were excited but the launch issues of bugs, animation issues, and the massive open-world mechanics tarnished how players saw a new adventure, which revived the desire to see Shepard once more. PlayStation 4 players especially have been feeling this trilogy itch given that it is available on this gen through Xbox One thanks to backwards compatibility. 

Mass Effect

So what’s the latest rumor? Game Reactor’s Eirik Hyldbakk Furu alleges that inside sources told him that a Mass Effect trilogy remaster is slated for a fall release. He also added that it was likely that EA could reveal the remaster during the EA Play event scheduled for June 18th. 

For those that have followed Prima quite a bit, you know that I personally have a very strong connection to BioWare; especially with their Dragon Age and Mass Effect franchises. While I play on PC with all of my replays of the trilogy, which means delicious mod support that makes this game look this-gen, it would be incredibly exciting to see a remaster launch with all of the DLCs. So many missed out on the hilarious glory that was the Citadel DLC, the From Ashes DLC that gave fans a prothean squadmate that greatly enriched the story, so it would be great to see those launch together so that everyone can get the whole picture. 

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Could we be seeing an official Mass Effect trilogy remaster announcement for this year? It’s possible, EA definitely knows there is an interest in it and the team at BioWare has stated numerous times already that the franchise isn’t dead and that they will revisit it in a few years. Releasing a remaster would be the perfect way to reignite that interest and bring in an entirely new wave of players. 

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