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Mass Effect Trilogy Remaster Reportedly Coming This Year

by Thomas Wilde

Rumors of a remastered Mass Effect have been circulating for months, ever since BioWare released a coy tweet hinting at some kind of revival back in January. Now, new information has been released.

Here’s what we know about the possibility of an HD rerelease of the Mass Effect trilogy.

Mass Effect Trilogy Remaster Reportedly Coming This Year

This week, Electronic Arts released an overview to investors of its plans for the fiscal year, leading up to March of 2021. EA currently intends to release 14 games in that period, including new FIFA, Madden, and NHL entries, a virtual-reality installment in the Medal of Honor franchise, and remasters of both Burnout Paradise and Command & Conquer

The names of eight of the 14 planned projects on the list weren’t revealed in the version of the overview that the public got access to. Four are “EA Partner” games, independently-developed titles that EA plans to publish, in a similar vein to the deal that brought us 2018’s co-op crime drama A Way Out; two more are coming from EA’s mobile division.

One of the unlabeled entries is listed as “an HD remake of an EA game.” Writing about the investor overview for Venture Beat yesterday, Jeff Grubb threw in at the end of the article that, by the way, that unidentified HD remake is the Mass Effect Trilogy. Like it’s not a big deal, or something.

That’s the end of the currently available information. At this point, it’s probably safer to consider this a strong rumor, but Grubb is confident enough about the reveal that he took to Twitter on Wednesday to make sure everyone saw the news.

Other EA information from the investor overview includes the news that it intends to bring its EA Access subscription plan to players on Steam, where subscribers get access to a curated selection of EA games that it calls “the Vault.” This includes some of EA’s bigger hits from the past, such as the Dragon Age, Battlefield, Dead Space, and Mirror’s Edge games.

EA is currently listed as one of the participants in Geoff Keighley‘s online E3 replacement, the Summer Game Fest, with a big EA presentation scheduled for June 11th. Be sure to mark your calendars; barring leaks, that’s likely the next chance we’ll get to hear more about a Mass Effect remaster.

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What would you like to see added or changed, as long as they’re remastering the original Mass Effect trilogy? Are they perfect as they are, or are you holding out for the chance to romance Wrex? Let us know your stance on this, the important issue of our time, via our official Twitter, @PrimaGames.

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